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Xnude, is The Ultimate Undress Tool?

Let’s find out: XNude.ai is a nudifier website that allows you to alter images and create an illusion of nudity. This tool is really straightfoward and has two features – custom face and undress. 

The custom face feature allows you to upload and modify pictures according to your preferences. For instance, age and body size. So, if you want to personalize your wank session, all you need is to replace a model’s face with a desired face. 

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The other feature, the undress, lets you strip a man or woman and reveal what is underneath via clothes removers. 

The AI-generated nude images are almost impossible to differentiate from the real ones. 

As a result, you can now blow your load and have the leg-shaking orgasm you crave for a fully naked crush.

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The custom face feature is easy to use, as you can upload an image and type prompts of things you’d like to see in your image. 

However, the undress feature is more sophisticated. There are many tags you can utilize to get a perfect outcome. The process starts with account creation, and you only need your email to register. 

Access to certain parts of the service is only available through a paid subscription, but XNude.ai sometimes awards free tokens to all new users who want to test its services. We recommend you join XNude’s Telegram channel for updates on discounts and early-bird access to sales.

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Stop fearing for your security and privacy on Xnude

XNude.ai is safe and doesn’t save your images. 

Instead, they are automatically deleted within 24 hours. Also, images won’t be stored on your profile, so no one will see whatever actions you take to satisfy your sexual cravings. 

Nonetheless, you can download and modify images if you wish to save them. 

A necessary word of caution – don’t undress or modify pictures of kids, friends, or family to avoid a run-in with the law. 

Aside from that, start simulating nudity the way you like, and don’t let clothes stand between you and blowing your load.

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Two are the great features of Xnude: Custom Face & Undress

How much does it cost to use Xnude?

You can easily get all Xnude features buying tokens without any subscription:

June 2024 Update: To get perfect undressed Pics you have different plans, and now it’s easier to get perfect results with xNude features: Usually I go for the $29.99 plan, and I’m secure to have enough creations, but the fresh options of Unlimited creations for two days or one month are really appetizing, to never run out of Undressing!

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